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Boca do Lobo
Get Up Close With Boca do Lobo's Bug Inspired Furniture
March 26, 2019
by Marwan Naaman

The Lucanus sconce manages to make a stag beetle transform into a chic wall-mounted light fixture.

With its artistic collection of singular furniture, Boca do Lobo is now transforming insects into statement pieces.

Portuguese company Boca do Lobo has released an unexpected collection of furniture and home accessories adorned with bugs, insects and other creepy crawlies – a veritable insect invasion that can add a touch of whimsy to any interior space. Named Metamorphosis, the collection features tables, mirrors and other distinctive pieces of furniture that celebrate beastie besties. “This collection is a remarkable part of Boca do Lobo’s creative design,” says Inês Rodrigues, public and press relations for Boca do Lobo. “It’s different from conventional luxury furniture and certainly breaks boundaries.”

Banking on bugs’ popularity is a bit of a gamble, but for Boca do Lobo, insects are big right now, and for valid reasons. “Bugs are fashionable because they represent dramatic transformation and sudden change, and an entire evolutionary process,” says Rodrigues. “Trends are constantly in flux but some are timeless, and we believe that defines Metamorphosis. By provoking a reaction, we are also providing an emotional experience, while bringing this design concept to life. The collection turned out to be a huge success.”

Standout pieces from the collection include the Diamond Metamorphosis Sideboard and the Metamorphosis Convex Mirror, both striking and rich with large insect figures. For such pieces, the company has a particular type of customer in mind. “We expect our buyer to be an art lover. These are mainly pieces of art, especially the mirror,” says Rodrigues. “Boca do Lobo’s expectation is for them to have exquisite taste for accent and statement pieces. They are someone peculiar and intriguing, with more than just social status.”

In terms of materials, they vary according to each piece produced. “The predominant material depends on the Metamorphosis piece in question. But they range from hammered brass, gold leaf and black lacquered wood to polished and casted brass, all worked thoroughly by the best artisans and craftsmen.” And since they’re essentially works of art, the pieces usually take time to create. “Our pieces take from 12 to 14 weeks [to complete], but when you have them in your possession, we promise you that you will feel it was worth the wait.”

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Boca do Lobo was founded in 2005 and now has over 400 employees. The company is based in the Portuguese city of Porto and sells its designs online. Boca do Lobo is also available at Covet House, the curated design store with outposts in cities around the world. “Our pieces are sold on our website, but if you want to get a closer look, we have multiple Covet Houses spread all over the globe,” says Rodrigues. “This year we opened Covet New York, a great addition to Covet Douro, Paris and London.”

In 2018, Boca do Lobo released striking new collections that they showcased at this year’s Maison & Objet exhibit in Paris, in a tongue-and-cheek concept space they called ‘This is Not A Gallery’. They include a group of vintage-inspired lighting fixtures entitled Lumière, as well as Pietra, a striking group of marble dining tables that also mark the first time the company has used marble as a design material. “I think you can say that our new products have two different purposes,” says Rodrigues. “One is more of a lifestyle-adapted concept, but it’s never detached from our signature aesthetic. The other is aimed at those who specifically love and appreciate our artistic side, who look for that statement piece.” There are further surprises in store for 2019, apparently. “This year, expect the unexpected from Boca do Lobo. We cannot wait to reveal more of our novelties.”