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Barbershop chaps & co Dubai men
Chaps & Co has Manscaping Down to a Science

Chaps & Co’s motto of “bringing back the old-school traditions” of the barbershop may be great and all but it’s the approachable staff, stylish décor and affordable prices that’ll have you coming back for more. A trip to the local barber has the power to be rejuvenative. Not just because,…

Trèsind Dubai Indian Restaurant food
Top Eight Reasons We Love the Indian Food at Trèsind in Dubai

One of Dubai’s greatest low profile culinary gems dares to modernise traditional Indian cuisine with flavour-bursting food that is creatively prepared and imaginatively executed. 1 We love an insider’s secret and Trèsind has all the halmarks of one, as it’s neither pretentious nor contrived and it’s hidden away in plain sight…

Dubai Palazzo Versace
Dubai’s Palazzo Versace is Unabashed Opulence and All

Before 2008, it seemed as though a new and exciting project would be launched almost every day in Dubai. After the bubble burst, so many plans got put on the backburner that it was impossible to tell which projects were put on hold and which were abandoned altogether. The Palazzo…

La Petite Maison
This is La Petite Maison’s Secret Recipe for Success

We’ve loved La Petite Maison ever sinced it opened in Nice in the late 1980s. But now that it’s becoming a global force to be recokoned with, we thought it time to salute the magic of LPM and also investigate the truth behind its rapid expansion. These days, you’ll be…