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Meet one of Saudi Arabia’s Most Significant Cultural Voices

Much about Ahmed Mater’s world seems to reconcile opposing states of being. Somehow, the artist finds space for religion and science, anatomy and spirituality, technology and tradition, violence and morality, swarming multitudes and empty plots of land. Speak with Ahmed Mater and almost immediately, you’ll get the sense that he…

Inaash Organization paletine heritage women empowerment
Beirut-based Inaash is Keeping Palestinian Crafts in the Limelight

Local artisanal work may bring to mind images of your typical uninspired creations. But in the midst of Beirut’s pulsating city, Carole Corm discovers a strong tradition of fashionable and costly cross-stitches that are all heart. Just tucked off Sidani Street in Beirut’s bustling and noisy Hamra district, Inaash still…