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Why You Won’t Want to Miss This Year’s Beirut Art Fair

Beirut Art Fair’s tenth edition unveils a collection of long lost paintings by Hussein Madi, zones in on the Jordanian art scene and delivers a bevy of international galleries. Q&A with BAF Artistic Director Joanna Abou-Sleiman Chevalier HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE INTERNATIONAL ART COMMUNITY’S CURRENT IMPRESSION OF LEBANON’S ART…

theOtherDada adib dada
Architect Adib Dada is Saving Beirut’s River With an Urban Forest

Litter doesn’t just take decades, or sometimes even centuries to decompose; it also contaminates our soil, air and water. Luckily there’s at least one Beirut-based architecture firm that’s doing something about it. Adib Dada describes his firm, theOtherDada, as: “a Beirut-based for profit architecture company with an environmental and social…

Jad El Khoury’s award-winning Burj El Hawa
This Graffiti Artist’s Doodles Went From Walls to a Swatch Watch

Anyone who’s ever been to Beirut has probably noticed some pretty eery-looking bullet marks on the walls of this one particular building to the side of Beirut’s downtown ring road. And we’re not talking about the generic shell scars you can still find about town – ubiquitous relics of the…

Nayef Francis
Take A Seat on One of These Head-Turning Designs by Nayef Francis

Don’t let those modish swing chairs fool you: Lebanese designer Nayef Francis’ contemporary products are in fact an ingenious window to the past. There’s a touch of nostalgia in all of Nayef Francis’ work. The Lebanese designer credits a childhood spent among Jdeideh’s lush orange groves, building tree houses and…